Thursday, September 3, 2015

Have you read About Coco's Room?

Years before writing best selling novels such as Beast, Wheels of Steel and Crash I wrote an Urban Lit story that was so hardcore that I didn't think it could be released--especially after the fiasco with my BDSM story Blair and the Emoboy.
I refused to sale it on Amazon and decided that it would appear in digital and manuscript format on ETSY only. About Coco's Room is one of my little known gems...and I'm fine with that because this story is not for everyone. The themes include child abuse, rape, drug use, murder, graphic language, sex, love, hate, romance and forgiveness.
About Coco's Room is the story about the strange relationship between a pusher and the silent woman that he delivers cocaine to. Despite a rocky start, somehow they form a strange friendship that becomes deadly...
You can buy this book digitally at a discount by using code LABOR2015 through labor day!

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