Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cheesy Puff Came to Life And Pimped My Gay Ass

This is the title of a book--and no, I'm not here to bash it. I'm laughing and intrigued. I would have shown a link but it's removed 
from Amazon. Some writer friends and I were hanging out and one said that she had saw a book called Cheesy Puff Came to life and Pimped My Gay Ass. I didn't believe it until I saw the cover of the book which had a cheese puff wearing a big purple pimp hat...
Obviously this is satire. We found this on GoodReads and it was once on Amazon but as of the time of this writing it was removed. I wasn't going to buy the book but wanted to see the ranking of the author Max Woods. 
But I was intrigued at titles such as: 
  • Gangbanged on Planet of the gay robo raptors
  • I Seduced Bigfoot to Save Broadway from the homophobic sasquatches...and I liked it!
  • Billionaire sports car made me gay
I'd heard about this thing called 'Monster Sex'. It was a big thing and included Dinosaur and Big Foot sex. And then Amazon pulled much of the erotic stories. The laws were intended to target incest and child pornography stories but in the process removed satire and fantasy sex.

Now let me just say, to each his own. This is a No-Judgement-Zone. But intrigued, my friends and I checked out Big Foot's Side Piece (and bought it, and enjoyed it) which was about this lady that had an encounter with Big Foot and Big's 'girlfriend' found about it and gave her a beat down. We laughed so hard.

So when I look at these titles I don't think in terms of sexuality but in humor. One thing I saw is that these books are very popular, and quick reads but generally they cost a lot. But I can guarantee that they will make you laugh.

big foot's side piece Beth Jo Andersen

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