Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ask your interview question of a Pepper Pace Male Character

Author Nulli Para Ora who you may know as an acclaimed IR author on Literotica will be holding a very special interview with 3 of the male characters from various stories. They Are Christopher from Beast, Lee from They Say Love is Blind and Jason from Wheels of Steel.

We thought we'd give you, the fans an opportunity to ask a question of one of these intriguing men. The men have promised on their honors to be truthful and honest--something like truth or dare (smile).

It should be a fun time. Just post your questions here or on my FaceBook page. I will keep you posted on the interview time!


  1. Jason- what happened after you got back together with Robin, was it happily ever after?

  2. Lee can You teach guys nowadays to be like You *dreamily hoping all the guys are as fabulous as Lee*?

  3. Christopher, where do you "really" get your recipe for those tasty pre-work out shakes that Ashleigh enjoys?

  4. My questions are for Jason...
    1) If Link hadn't stopped you, would you have had intercourse with Amberlee?
    2) Why did you feel the need to humiliate Robin when she had done nothing but show her love for you?
    3) What made you decide to cheat on Robin? Was it a preemptive strike?
    4) Why do you keep Amberlee close by when you know how much pain she has caused Robin?
    5) What are your feelings for Amberlee??
    6) Why didn't you ever try to find Robin after you returned from Japan?

  5. Chris -- with his good looks will he be tempted by the new attention from females?
    Lee -- will he ever get a chance to see? If yes, will he still want her or will she feel insecure?
    Jason -- will he continue to bring up the vacation affair Robin had? Did Amberly settle for her husband, because she couldn't have Jason? If something happens to the husband will she go after Jason again? Will Robin move in with Jason and continue with school or go for the music career as a singer? Will Belinda continue to handle not being able to conceive and will the boyfriend be fine on not having a kid with her?

  6. Chris - Based on how all the things you went through as a kid with your appearance, what are you teaching your children about how to value themselves?

    Chris - Will you ever leave active services? and when you do, what will you do next?

    Chris - How is the relationship between Ashleigh and Alma developed?

    Lee - How has Tori adapted to Azores? How many kids do you have now?

    Lee - When you and Tori return to Ohio, how will you deal with Roz? And does your family know what she attempted to do?

  7. Chris - Now that you are handsome and getting attention from women, are you tempted to cheat? Do you regret being tied to Ashley now that you have the interest of the opposite sex? If Ashley became disfigured, would your love for her survive?

  8. Chris- Now that you had the surgery would you consider another career or job classification?

  9. Lee-If there was a surgery that offered the ability to see but was extremely dangerous would you do it?

    Lee-If you had the gift of complete sight for one day and you had to choose between the day you got married or the day your baby is born which would you choose and why?

  10. Question for Pepper - When is the interview scheduled for?

    1. Thanks for reminding me to post that we have the interview all set up. Unfortunately I've head some deadlines that I have to focus on first. Right after Thanksgiving is when the interview will post. Thanks for asking and my apologies for taking so long to respond!


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