Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Seduction; An interracial Romance Anthology is now available exclusively on Amazon

Hi everyone,
the project that I have been working on with CeCe Monet is finally available. It's released exclusively on Amazon through KDP which means that they have it for 90 days and afterwards we can than release it to B&N for the Nook readers

Secrets, romance, sex, love, sensual passion and drama!

Pepper Pace and CeCe Monét really turn up the heat in the first volume of this new book series “Seduction,” which is dedicated to spicy, sensual, racy, contemporary romances and trying predicaments. This first volume features 6 different blazing stories about sexy interracial couples.

1-900-BrownSugar - Pepper Pace
Monica didn’t know that nice women who were devoted to their husbands, and that took pride in their looks and their homes, still got cheated on, just like anyone else. She soon discovers that there is another side to her good-girl persona just waiting to be revealed, and her Unknown Client is just the one to help her discover it… but what really hides behind the voice on the other end of the phone?

Fudge Brownies 2: Besties - CeCe Monét
Overworked mover and shaker Sean Hirsch is adjusting to his new life in New York City, following his breakup with diva extraordinaire Beverly Simmons. Meanwhile, Tina Bradford is totally in love with her long-time best friend; now she just has to get them both on the same page about how they’re destined to be together… So what happens when two busy professionals literally bump into each other during their quests for love, passion, fulfillment, and freedom from their past heartaches?

A Wrong Turn Towards Love - Pepper Pace
*A darkly comedic misadventure befalls a lone Black woman that takes a wrong turn, which leads to murder, the Klan, and a big sexy mountain man named Bodie. *Warning: this story contains racist language.

Lucky - CeCe Monét
Missy Jones is a single Mom who’s seriously down and out and could use a drastic change of her crappy streak of luck and quick too! That’s when she meets mischievous, mysterious, and seriously hot Miguel Sánchez. Yet as everything gets turned upside down in Missy’s world, what will she discover that Miguel is hiding? Can she really trust him, or will she have to opt to keep trying her luck alone in the world without him?

The Delicate Sadness - Pepper Pace
The world that Rosia Banks thought she would always live in came to a crashing halt with the death of her husband. Now a widow at the age of 37, she must either recreate her life, or else continue existing in the safety of her loneliness. It takes a man that she has never laid eyes on, and who’s so different from anything she’s ever experienced before, to show her the way.

The Question - CeCe Monét
Shy lady Jerricia Robbins, aka JR, never dreamed that the amazingly talented and ultra sexy guy, Kazuki Nakayama that she’s had her eye on from a distance, and for a while, would so suddenly ask her a single question that would completely change her life…
price $7.99


  1. Hi Pepper,

    Love, love, loved the "Seduction:An Interracial Tomance Anthology". I just finished and it was fabulous! I especially liked the inclusion/mentions of Chris from "Beast" (my all time favorite! I keep re-reading it) and Troy and Juicy from "Juicy." I can't wait for your next book "The Throwaway Year" to come out. Keep writing and I'll keep reading. The books you write are about real people that I think most if not all people could identify with.



    1. Thank you Nicole! It was about time that I began revisiting some of the characters from previous stories. It was fun and I'm happy (and relieved) that you enjoyed the stories!

  2. Hello Pepper, Will this book be offer in paperback. Thank You Bain

    1. Hi Bain. Yes this will be a paperback. I'll post here when it's available in paper form. Diva LLC is actually handling distribution so I don't have a timeline of when they expect to do that. I'll let everyone know here when it is available in book form. Now for my own project; The Throwaway year that will be released September 30 and will be available in both Barnes and Noble, Amazon and after a few weeks it will be in paper back. Thanks Bain!


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