Sunday, August 14, 2011

Where have I been?

I know that I pretty much disappeared over night...well other than some blogging and submissions to Vampiric Charms. Several months ago I got pretty sick and it was causing my blood pressure to do some crazy things. I couldn't concentrate, or stay awake long enough to gather the energy to write. I wasn't myself and I'm thankful that I did not lose ALL of my friends during this period (insert smile here).

I started seeing a doctor and was diagnosed with diabetes which had begun to take a toll on my body. As a result I just couldn't gather the energy to write. Even when I had the energy I couldn't get my 'head' into the story. A few days ago I tried writing the next chapter of Untitled and it sucked badly and had to be scrapped. Though I'm anxious to finish I'm not willing to sacrifice the quality of the story just for the sake of ending it.   With that said, thank you all for being patient and not sending me emails telling me how much I suck for keeping you hanging.

We all know those writers that begin a story, make promises to finish and then just never do. So I'm not making any promises as to when Untitled will be finished, only that it will get finished. Don't ask me when, I just don't know. Damnit, didn't I just say don't ask?

What am I doing these days?

Well I have been getting caught up on some reading and find that I am still more impressed by the free stories on Lit than I am by some of the well established writers that I have purchased books from--Mary Monroe...

Also, I've become an unofficial editor! Some of you might be surprised that I have the gall to try to edit another writer's work. I think that I have been notorious for not editing my own work to an acceptable level and allowing stupid mistakes to pass through. Right now it is even worse--I may have to proof read the same thing 3 or 4x before catching even my most glaring errors. But the thing is that I started reading some of this guy's work and I liked it alot. Then he asked me to read a manuscript that he calls Fighter and it literally captured me hook line and sinker. I literally covered my eyes and squealed like a kid at some of the parts. Only Robcub has me doing that, and that is the honest truth!

He really needs an editor because he has really bad mistakes in his Lit submissions, but the heart of the story still comes through. He asked me to edit Dominus for him and I said no. Then he found an editor for it who he said would also edit Fighter. Then something happened in me and I got ultra possessive. LOL! I said, no! I'm editing Fighter...and the rest is history.

He writes under the name CreepyRJ...and the name is fairly fitting, which is why he is on my favorites list. Creepy writes some crazy shit like I do. But if you like BDSM his Becoming the Dominus series is a good one. I began with Mirando Las Olas which was very sweet. I haven't told him what I truly like about his stories is the way that he has dominant male characters that also know how to be kind and that is why I'm hooked on his Fighter story.

Also, he and I are going to be doing a collaboration and writing a story together. It's about an Indian that hates white people as his family was massacred by confederate soldiers. So he goes around killing them in a sociopathic rage whenever he sees them in his territory. Well he comes upon a wagon train in which there is a slave girl who he takes back with him to his tribe. She is obviously terrified upon seeing him massacre everyone but soon love blooms and blah blah blah. He and I write enough alike that I'm sure he will prod me into the right direction when I fall short, the way they do in Vampiric Charms.

Before anyone asks I'll explain the difference between writing my own work and writing in a collaboration--half of the work is already done by someone else, and someone else can pick up the slack if I fall short.

I just want you guys to know that I'm still around and kicking, and I hope to be back in full form when I feel better. And thanks again for hanging around and for your patience.



  1. Your stories are so moving and really draw the readers in that they can be read over and over. As much as we would all love to read more of "Untitled"; I can wait for you to get healthy and back to yourself. Take care Pep. Signed Fan for Life.

  2. Get well soon and write when you are feeling better. Your fans will be patiently waiting as always.

    I will checkout Creepyrj stories on Lit.

  3. Pep you will never lose true fans! For those that do leave?? Tough Titty said the kitty. I for one know that authors that write,for free, have jobs and lives. I dont expect you to keep me entertained for weeks on end, and for me to ask you to do so would be a form of slavery and you are not!
    Um you got SUGAR? No no no that just wont do. I need you to take care of yourself, hell we all do. Get better so you can feel better.

  4. Please take care, its amazing how big a role your health plays in everything that affects you. Obviously I believe in quality over speed, so you take your time and I'll be waiting patiently along w/your other great readers

  5. On my way to CreepyRJ...and I hope whatever plan you an your doctor came up with will have you feeling better soon.

  6. Totally agree with all the other sentiments, I'm super appreciative that I get to read your work and jump in these worlds with these characters you've created, it's a real pleasure.

    Start to feel better, I know most of us will be around whether you post today or 2 months for now. I will be here! Google reader let's me know when you've posted something so I'm good.

  7. Pepp, we would never leave you or get mad at you! At least not your true readers and fans. Take as much time as you need to get better and deal with whatever personal issues you need.

  8. get well soon Pep. take care of yourself first, there is only one of you :)

  9. Your health trumps everything else. So take care and take as long as you need to get fully recovered.

    Dedicated reader

  10. Hi Pep,
    I wanted to encourage you to submit something to the story contest over at All I know you have something already written that could WIN!! As you are dealing with your health right now you may not even feel like looking at anything to submit. However I wanted you to know that I would be up to assisting you in getting something ready if you decide to do it.

    I was diagnosed with diabetes while in the middle of writing my dissertation...and all that time I thought it was grad school that was makin' me feel lousy and a bit nutty too! :-) Qwll I am sure the intensity and worry of going through that program didn't help. Take care of yourself and let me know how I might be of some service to you even if it just about dealing with being a Sugar Baby!

  11. Take care. I love your work, but your health and well being is the most important thing.

  12. Pep,
    Sending you happy wishes to get better. Your health is priority one. I love your stories and writing style. You rock!! The story collaboration sounds very interesting and I can't wait to read it!

  13. Diabetes is a bitch and a half. Get well and take care of yourself. Your stories are rich with feeling and movement but it's free on the internet. If they're gonna bitch they suck.

  14. Sorry to hear about your health issues -- best of luck. Do whatever you need to take care of yourself. *hugs*

  15. Just a note, Kim, to let everyone know you've been nominated in several categories again this year in the annual Literotica Readers' Choice Awards. I hope your fans will take the time to vote for you, as I have.

    Get well soon. :)


  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. Have no idea why it posted twice technology is always letting me down lol

  18. Thanks Amber and I can fix the double post!

  19. Amber said:

    I absolutely love your work I probably check your blog once or twice a week I find so many internet gems on this site and you've defiantly added to my music library, you really don't owe me or anyone else any explanations but you do anyway which is why I am such an avid fan you really care about your fans and we care about you and your health is of upmost importance ofcourse you have a life of your own to attend to and I'm just thankful that you are willing to share so much with us ill be happily lurking around your blog and enjoying your post's whatever they might be, thank-you so much

  20. lasoeurafroallemandeAugust 21, 2011 at 8:32 PM

    Hey Pep, just wanted to sign in and let you know that I'm thinking of you and wish you all the best. It's weird that I feel like I have to do this since I only "know" you via this blog but just the fact that you wrote here to (at least) some complete strangers with some very personal information gives me the feeling that it's ok to write this post.

    While I'm soooo looking forward to reading whatever you post and am still totally waiting for the Kindle version of "Juicy" I have taken to reading resapoos stories because you gave her the permission to borrow us :-)

    I've also been on Lit for a week now following one hell of an impressive story on which I'd like your opinion. Check her out if you haven't already:

    Take care of you, girl!

  21. @ lasoeurafroallemande,
    Thank you! And I read that story. The author is really good and the story is captivating! Thanks for the heads up on it

  22. My Grandmother lived with diabetes for more than 30 years. She used to say "chile i got sugar; so you know I am sweet". LMAO

    Hopefully its makes you sweeter! Be blessed and get well.

  23. You take care, and the story will come along when it can. There would be no wonderful stories without you, so you go ahead and do what you need to do to get well, and I will be here along with the rest of your faithful followers. You inspired me to sign up for an account, so I can follow with ease :-) I'm praying for you girl.

  24. Hey Pep,
    Not even sure you'll get to this comment 'cause I'm so far behind on everything.I too am a newly diagnosed diabetic.I didn't recognize any of the signs and the shame of it is I'm a nurse.Also got the hypertension thing going on too.The woes of a black woman,lol...anyway just wanted you to know I feel you girl.And here's another ssimularity,I just read your b-day was on the 9th,lol,mine is the 15th.Happy late b-day,hope it was a gr8 day!


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