Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wheels of Steel an Interactive Love Story

Hi everyone,

I've been working hard on this for weeks; I turned Wheels of Steel into an Interactive story where you can share in the beats that Jason and Wheels of Steel have created.  Now, since Justin isn't real and I can't make, my friend Ho-Z has done the beats for this story.  This is a MUST LISTEN TO!!  Ho-z is awesome at music making! 

Also, there are some YouTube samples that I felt reflected the sounds of this story.  All samples are credited to the creator of the work, because I wouldn't want anyone sampling my work w/o doing so!  Also it's worth going back to Pt 1, as well as the beginning of Pt 2 as I've 'tweeked' the story to explain some things better, and of course there is the addition of music and images.

To get to the stories, go to the sidebar. This doesn't match up with the parts that were initially published here on the blog.  I wanted to make each part longer and therefore more satisfying *insert the refreshing sound of an opened can of soda* In the future that's where the updates will be posted.

A story like this takes alot of work...much more than just writing.  Ho-Z has worked very hard on the music and has been my MUSE for the story; which is just as much his story as it is mine since I would have never wrote it without his suggestion, prodding, and inspiration.  Please let him know in comments what you think of his beats. I hope you'll take a moment to check out his website and if you see anything there that you like please comment! Here is a direct link to Ho-Z designs.

Thanks also to Sarena Brown for helpful suggestions when I was pretty stumped in determining the next direction for the story.  Also, you guys and your acceptance of a love story that involves physical disabilities has definitely kept it going.  Without your feedback I would not have continued to be as inspired!

Love you guys and please enjoy!


You certainly don't have to click on the interactive portions of the story ie; music, yet it will enhance the story and provide a deeper understanding of what these people do.  My suggestion is to pull up two versions of the story so that you can continue reading as the music plays.  Again, some might find it distracting and that's fine.  I won't be mad about it if you choose not to use it.  Luvs ya anyways! Following are the links to pt 1 and pt 2.


WOS interactive story pt 1

WOS interactive story pt 2

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