Sunday, June 27, 2010

Miscengenist Sabishii Chapter 3

The final chapter is finally finished.  This contains the entire third chapter including the preview that had been posted about a month ago, so some of you have already read the first part.  Also, this is pretty long, it felt like writing a novel.  I'll hold off on posting it to Literotica awaiting your feedback.  Enjoy!  Miscegenist Sabishii Chapter 3


  1. i can't get to it!!!

  2. OMGee I can't reach the story I have a HTTP 403 error. Please fix this for us to read the goodness........

  3. Heya Pep. I read the story yesterday and when I went to post my review today, I received the same error message as the rest of your readers about a 403 error. Please check the settings on your side. :) Alex.


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