Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Baby Girl and what my stories are about

I'm very excited about my new story, Babygirl. I actually wrote it a while back but constantly find myself editing it and then putting it aside. As I prepare it for Literoitca, I'm scratching my head and wondering why I kept putting it away. I hope you like it as much as I do. I actually intend to break it into several parts. The first one should be up around the first or second of November.

Of course I am still exploring Interracial relationships and the contrast/similarities between apparent unlike characters. Once the surface is scratched, we can see how much alike we are to that crazy person, that homeless person, that over weight person, the blind man, the guy from a different culture...or maybe we are that nerd, geek, not-understood individual striving to show everyone else that there is no difference.


  1. Hey. Just thought I'd check out your blog. Nice.


  2. and sometimes finding ourselves in different positions in what are classically thought to be as far as race, class, upbringing....

    looking forward to posing a question or two and seeing what others may think.


  3. Cool, Ben. Looking forward to your comments/questions


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